Data is Your DNA

Business Intelligence Made to Order

Your business thrives or dies based on your decisions; do you have the numbers that you need? And are those numbers available so you can make decisions on your timeframe? BIspoke was born out of a need for intelligence in the decision-making process, providing accurate and actionable Business Intelligence to executives and managers in any industry. Your KPIs are different from every other business, so why use a dashboard that doesn't fit? We'll work with you to create a full-featured dashboard application with your chosen KPIs, updated on your schedule.

Analytics Made Actionable

So you know your KPIs impact your bottom line, but can you impact your KPIs? At BIspoke, we go beyond simple numbers and metrics: we're about analytics. We'll help you set up reporting that puts your numbers in context so you can focus on making decisions. No more waiting for the weekly/monthly report to track your progress. With BIspoke, you can move at the speed of your data.


Ideals at BIspoke

We believe in gathering data, in actionable intelligence, in collaborative creativity, and in positive growth.


Methods at BIspoke

Below are some of the methods we bring to every project and every success. Using a combination of tools, skills, and industry experience, we have what it takes to build even the most intricate reporting application. Read on to see what we use to build next-gen reporting applications.


We use the latest HTML5 functions to ensure that your reporting is smooth, accurate, and responsive.


It's not just backend development; we've got graphic design skills too. With CSS3, we'll make your reports tell a story, and look great while they do. Take your analytics to the next level with a design to highlight your KPIs and match your ideals.



Your data has to go somewhere, and it must be safe. With our experience in SQL databases like MySQL and MSSQL, you'll have a fast, safe, and accessible data warehouse.


If your data has shifting schema, or you're looking to match up multiple types of complex data, databases like MongoDB can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. We'll get you set up and reporting with ease.


iOS/Android Development


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Gathering Data

Data is the fuel of the entire dashboard. We'll gather everything you want.

Actionable Intelligence

Get the numbers that will make a difference and make decisions with confidence.

Collaborative Creativity

We will work with you to create exactly what you want. Truly custom code for your business.

Positive Growth

We'll periodically add features, updates, and any contracted requests so you can continue to focus on growth.